The Way We Work

The Way We WorkWe have a great deal experience of working with clients to design training process from scratch. Normally this begins with a site visit followed by a series of stages as the process is designed and submitted for consultation and approval by the relevant people or departments.

This is a free service which is also totally collaborative as we worth with clients just as much as we work for them.

We also offer a service offering clients the opportunity to personalize to their own requirements.

  • The way we work in the class
  • Interactive conversation
  • Buddy-system
  • Enjoyable -motivating -learning atmosphere
  • Know it, Explain it, Get it (result)
  • Energizing words
  • Subconscious awareness induction
  • Role-play
  • Field  experience
  • Candid-camera observation
  • Review and feedback based on taped-simulation
  • Simulation
  • Mind-provoking- subject discussion

We never just plug in and forget it

In Ahmada Consulting we are proud of commitment to retain customers year after year. A concequence of this is the excellent after sales service we provide.

For example, if a practical tips fails for whatever reason our consultants are easily on you service call to discuss the problem

In kindness we trust

Consciously and unconsciously, our mind will only process in positive words. So, we ensure you that the lessons would stick that way.

Please be ready to be infected with your own viral of kindness and growing

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