Who We Are

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The high-calibre professional instructors and advisors who work for Ahmada Consulting are some of the best in the business.

All of them have recent first-hand experience of consulting various clients, thousands classes of training and are highly skilled and approachable facilitators, adept at passing on life skills to others.

Ahmada Consulting advisors are all practitioners qualified in psychology, counselling, hypnotherapy, life and business coaching. In addition to their psychology, hypnotherapy, business and coaching of many years each, they also hold instructor and assessor qualifications. We are liscenced and certified master practioner in TLT(TM), Hypnotherapy (ABH), Impact Coaching System and NLP (ABNLP).

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Some of our trainings and workshops are based on sharia as our number one reference. We do believe that to have the ultimate human potentials development must have certain stress on spiritual, along with professional, emotional and intellectual approaches.

And, one of our sharia consultant is Ust H Akhmad Muzakki LC, with his deep-reflection sharing and enlighting lectures has been one of the experts in the area.

What We Do